REVIEW : TINSIDERS.BLOGSPOT.COM is a blog contained by trend insight. The tagline is design.inspirations.innovations. There are some looks for viewing these contents. In the first we open this page, the view would be Flipcard. Another way to view could be tried are Classic, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide.


Classic is type to view the post in zoom mode. It is the simplest one because we could see clearly  in every post. Because the post is about trend,design, innovation, etc. this view is easy to understand. Not have too much design in Classic view.


Another one is Flipcard. It offers a view in some square like a card arranged. Each square represents each post and contained by headline or photos. When we move our pointer to the square, it will be flip and show the information about the post.


In this view, the layout is same as when we read a magazine. The design the concept is arranged like magazine. It was simple same as Classic view. When we move the pointer, it would be a notification in the right corner how many comments.


This layout is same as Flipcard but has different size in each square. Same as the meant of Mosaic that is composed by irregular shape size. It was interesting, but for who like simple one, it little confused.


I think Sidebar is not interesting layout, because it is flat. Just a bar in the left side that contain the headline of the post. Too much empty space in the right side and the bar has a flat design.


Snapshot mode offers a view just like photo hanging on the wall. It looks have a frame in each photo’s post. It was look simple but attractive enough. The photo will be zoomed in when we drag our pointer to the photo.


It was like a timeline. The post will looked like a list and the early definition of each content are shown. The page with this type of layout looked more visible containing by writing. So, the space is fuller information.

That was my review about I think because the blog is about trend, they offer simple layout for easier to understand by each person and looks minimalist to build image exclusivity. Read this blog really gives information and knowledge about what happened in trend all the time. So, for anyone who wants to become up-to-date, just Check It Out !


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