This website posts any idea about creativity. The latest post is showing about teaching creativity and what it really means. We can see at differences perspective to discuss about this statement. But the point, creativity could not be teach but we can habituate and develop our creative thinking. “Creative thinking are […]


Creativity could be applied in any things even when teacher teaching their children. There are some activities that could sharpen the brain’s ability for children   Word Games   This game represent when we give them one word, they would connect another word which is has relation with the first one. So that, children trained […]


Hello, come back with new post from me. Now, brace yourself to see Creative Generalist Based on its web, Creative Generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. The goals of this is to introduce broad thinkers with one another. SO, WHAT THE CONTENTS ARE […]