This website posts any idea about creativity. The latest post is showing about teaching creativity and what it really means. We can see at differences perspective to discuss about this statement. But the point, creativity could not be teach but we can habituate and develop our creative thinking.

“Creative thinking are innate. One connection leads to another, which leads to another, and so on.”

Our brain capture and memorize moments we have done. So thats when we see new change in some condition, brain works to determine it, what happened, what has been lost, etc. That’s called Tatcher Effect. We should try to learn what the difference when it flipped. 

As quotes I placed at the beginning, it is kind of technique that could encourage the ability of our creativity. What hack means? Extinguishing your behaviors – or pre-existing ideas – to spur new ones. It means we should create our own challenge to challenge ourself. So, our creative thinking start to work.


-make your tasks impossible then creativity will lead you-

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