BUSINESS NEWS DAILY : A guide for startup & small business


BusinessNewsDaily is a new and comprehensive resource for people planning to start a business or who are in the startup process, plus time-strapped small business owners and their staffs – all looking for concise information and insight on topics ranging from what forms they must fill out and how to get a startup loan to technological solutions for the office to management tips. In addition to the growing resource database, written in simple and clear terms, our team of experienced reporters and editors offer news and features about government regulations , banking and finance issues, trends that affect business owners, and advice from other people who have succeeded in business.


In this website there are 5 segments that we can choose to explore articles : News & Trends, Startup Basics, Money & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Technology Solutions

The website looks formal but still have interesting part in viewing, such as some clear picture. In the right side, we can choose the most popular article to read. It easier us to select what should we do first when open this website. 

Thats All! Thank you

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