First, I’m sorry not coming to the field trip session cause of sickness. I am still curious about Kepompong Gendut Production House which is located in Bali Street number 7. For information, I asked my friend and visit the website. One thing that I know is the film produced, Cin(t)a and Demi Ucok. Demi Ucok is showed in 21 Cineplex in Indonesia. Great, doesn’t it?


After I visit the website, I know the founder of Kepompong Gendut, Sammaria Simanjuntak. As I see from the website, the website looks very creative, simple, and colorful representing the team of Kepompong Gendut that same as the character of the website. This production house is grouped as startup but has created great production such as, featured films, short films, and music video. Surprisingly, my friend told that Sammaria is graduated as an Architect from ITB. Haha, sounds funny! From Architect to Film Producer 😉 It must be a reason behind it.


I already know why the field trip is going to Kepompong Gendut. Because to make us know how creative and powerful youth create a film, advertising, or etc. It must be inspire us to try that everybody can be anything they can.


One lesson learned, Follow Your Passion! Yes, it happened to me. My passion actually is cooking, my goals is to be a patisserie chef. Different with my degree, right? HAHA.  But there must be a lesson from anything we get.



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